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About Arowana

"Don’t find fault, find a remedy."

Henry Ford
Arowana is an insurtech business design studio that specialises in general insurance and personal risk. Our deep domain expertise, technology innovation and global outlook are a few of the key elements that make our projects successful.
Where key questions exist, we take a data-driven approach to finding solutions that meet market and business needs. We use the transformative power of technology to create radically improved businesses. Design and user-centric working practices drive strategy and experience design for a flawless finish.
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Our Values

Arowana was born of insurance industry experience fused with technology innovation from capital markets and a vision to make everything more personal: products, marketing. underwriting and service... all tailored to individual needs.
To build sustainable businesses that spread financial risk effectively and delight the people and businesses that they serve.
The insurance industry will change radically due to four main factors: machine learning, data availability, transparency and the ability of technology to reduce risks. We are building businesses that can thrive in this new context.


We build future-facing businesses for ourselves and our clients.

Core Underwriting technology for the data age

Information about your customer is increasingly available yet dispersed across many different sources. Access to a wide set of data at the right time offers brokers deeper insight in to behavioural risk.

Arowana has developed an underwriting technology platform which collects data from social media platforms, sharing economy marketplaces, public and private data sources in real-time, and allows brokers to customise algorithms to make data-driven underwriting decisions. It also serves as a data warehouse for reporting and GDPR compliance. The platform can be deployed quickly in any brokerage business with our easy-to-use APIs.

Satellite and aerial drone image data analysis for underwriting

Many new companies are generating sensor data, from IoT to satellites to drones and other sources. Arowana’s data platform enables the use of multiple, very large data sets, applying machine learning to determine and enrich relationships between data to generate new insights and understanding that can support the underwriting and claims process.

satellite imaging

European MGA

Arowana has built a European consumer insurance business that uses artificial intelligence to augment a data-driven underwriting approach. Our proprietary technology is designed to support highly differentiated risk selection that improves over time. We are licensing as a managing general agent in Malta.

Trustmetric: Online reputation management

Our digital reputations are becoming increasingly valuable as the economy shifts online. Arowana has developed a tool that helps individuals to manage and protect this valuable asset as well as gain trust with new communities.

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