Physical risk platform using satellite imaging

1. Problem statement

Increasingly rich and complex data sources are unwieldy to manage and interpret.

2. Solution

Arowana’s platform simplifies the management of data and provides simple, useful insights for underwriting and claims.

3. Benefits

Underwriters and brokers dealing with risk that relates to the physical world, particularly in remote areas or new markets.

Project Details

Client: TBC

Date: 2018

Online: Available soon

Many new companies are generating sensor data, from IoT to satellites to drones and other sources. With the proliferation of data however, the challenge of combining these data sources to create a single, time-based view of reality becomes even more complex. Arowana’s data platform enables the use of multiple, very large data sets, and applies machine learning to determine and enrich relationships between data to generate new insights and understanding that can support the underwriting and claims process.
We use image data from a diverse range of sources to identify and classify changes to objects. The company is currently focused on applications related to understanding the physical environment where these can be most impactful, for instance in remote areas and new markets that are opening up due to technological development.